State Rep. Elliott Naishtat - Allandale July 4th Parade

State Rep. Elliott Naishtat

25 Things About Elliott Naishtat

1. I’m from Sunnyside, Queens.
2. I have two brothers.
3. I was elected to the Texas House in 1990. That’s seven years before Barack Obama was elected to the Senate, eight years before Google started, fourteen years before Facebook, and sixteen years before Twitter.
4. I keep notes on my daily activities.
5. I eat a carrot or an orange every morning. The orange can be messy.
6. I wear the same shirt every July 4th.
7. I enjoy hiking in Big Bend.
8. My opponent campaigned with the negative message “Get a rope” because I was a Yankee.
9. I had a cell phone with a flashlight feature on it.
10. I like giving out certificates honoring brunches and birthdays.
11. I like to color with crayons.
12. I hang my clothes on a line to dry them sometimes.
13. If you are ever in the hospital, I’ll bring you leftover farm & ranching magazines from my Capitol office.
14. I believe in Martindale.
15. I am not an exonerated prisoner, despite what the Texas Observer might have you believe.
16. My favorite band is the Belleville Outfit.
17. I have a cousin named Vinny in the Bronx.
18. I came to Texas as a VISTA volunteer and still to this day keep in touch with some of my VISTA friends.
19. I have a friend named Paul Newman.
20. I enjoy food from other peoples’ plates more than my own.
21. I remain neutral on city elections.
22. I don’t like to drive.
23. I would be a great President.
24. I have a favorable opinion of librarians.
25. I love buffets.